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kanga bulletin out of home advertising in atlanta, ga Let's Connect!

Kanga, a new app that connects individuals, drivers and retailers for local shipping needs, launched in Atlanta with OOH as a major component of the fanfare!
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Kanga wanted everyone to know about their services and utilizing a colorful creative on digital billboards proved to be the right choice for the new app.


Held at the Artmore Hotel, the launch party included music and entertainment while giving attendees the chance to meet with the Kanga founders, local innovators and, best of all, an actual kangaroo!


Second headline to discribe how every unit is diffrent

Vibrant and eye-catching, these ads ran on five of Atlanta’s prime digital billboard locations for 12 weeks, creating a fitting campaign for an app designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.


Throughout the city, digital billboards were used to showcase this upstart app. Teaser spots featuring the app’s logo and launch date ran during the days leading up to the event, along with a URL for curious onlookers to search. After the app went live, the creative was modified to include the call to action "Get Your Stuff Delivered," directing consumers to their website where the app is available for download.


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