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mail chimp wall advertising in new york city Let's Connect!

In today's ad-heavy media world it is easy for a company's message to get lost in the noise. Consumers are more informed and savvy than they have ever been and are very aware when they are being sold to. But what if you weren’t trying to sell anything – how would the audience respond? Explore this case study in detail

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At MailChimp, having a billboard started out as a fun idea but soon turned into a unique experiment as the company sought to achieve a return on investment not by sales, but a simple smile from loyal users.

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Without the intent to sell, creative liberty manifested itself in the final idea – the face of their mascot, Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV (Freddie), simply acknowledging passersby with a light-hearted wink.

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Inspired by quirky and interesting public art created by organizations like Living Walls and Flux, the team at MailChimp wanted to engage their current customers, and intrigue new ones, with something puzzling and out of the ordinary. After carefully choosing and executing with an experimental location, San Francisco (a market with a large number of MailChimp users), the buzz began, with dozens of photos being posted and plenty of positive acknowledgements from fans.

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Pleased with the success of their original billboard, MailChimp expanded their campaign into several markets across the country, including Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis, Nashville and Detroit...and it didn't take long to get noticed. Twitter and Instagram exploded with activity as soon as the billboards went up, most ecstatic by the brand's sudden presence in their cities. The social media reaction exemplifies how a simple, well-placed logo can generate social media buzz through out-of-home!

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