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 TNT-The Last Ship

​​Case Study

 TNT's The Last Ship Los Angeles Wall Let's Connect!

With 80% of the world’s population about to be wiped out in the new Michael Bay TNT series, The Last Ship, the TV network turned to OOH to create a unique and drama filled campaign. Explore this case study in detail

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The creative, which appeared in NYC, Los Angeles and Atlanta, ‘prepared’ consumers for an impending virus attack.


Grand Central Station had for the first time in the subways pop up Purell hand sanitizer sanitation stations that helped commuters “prepare” for the virus. Additional consumer engagement came in the form of the second ever Street Team from TNT, which handed out branded mobile phone pockets with Purell sample inserts to subway riders.


The premiere date was prominently displayed on bus kings with headliners on the bustling streets of NYC & Los Angeles, reminding the public to tune in. The show garnered 5.3 million viewers, making it “the biggest new cable series of 2014” and now ranking as “TNT’s most-watched drama telecast of the year” according to The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly.


The amount of social action for the drama series was tremendous, with fans using the hashtag #TheLast Ship over 12,000 times to date. In addition, several news publications including Ad Week, Media Bistro & Indie Wire covered the campaign.


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