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 Transit Shelters

​​Connect with consumers on an intimate, face-to-face level.

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Following bus routes and penetrating densely populated neighborhoods, bus shelter advertising delivers mass exposures and can be targeted to reach a specific audience.

OUTFRONT Media/JCDecaux features transit shelters available throughout the Los Angeles market.


  • Located at key consumer convergence points throughout selected markets, following bus routes in urban areas, and all the way into residential neighborhoods.
  • 24/7 illumination provides round-the-clock visibility to both pedestrian & vehicular traffic.
  • Create a lasting impression on audiences through design and transformation into almost anything an advertiser can dream up.
In This Section
The emoji movie bus shelter in los angeles
Wrapped Transit Shelters

Wrapped shelters provide exciting and unique opportunities for advertisers to create a 360 degree experience for passersby.

Netflix Narcos on showcase shelter in Los Angeles.
Showcase Transit Shelters

Similar to a display case however, instead of a poster, multimedia/artwork or products are contained within the frame, creating an engaging and entertaining exhibit.

Digital Transit Shelter in Los Angeles
Build-outs / Embellishments

Transform ordinary transit shelters into bold 3-D creations which are visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic with embellishments that provide 24-hour impact in highly trafficked areas.

Fernbank on digital shetler in Atlanta, GA
Digital Transit Shelters

Adding embellishments such as audio and even an interactive component to a campaign utilizing new mobile technologies enhance consumer engagement.

bus shelter projection advertising
Shelter Projection

Stand out on the busy streets of West Hollywood with LA’s newest media form – Shelter Projection.